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Visitors FY2017

Dr. Karol Andrzej Bartosiewicz

Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

●2017.4.19-7.17  Advanced Crystal Engineering

Growth and Study of Multicomponent Garnet Sscintillators

PhD Student Zhao Tianqi

Tsinghua University, China

●2017.8-11  Theory of Solid State Physics

First Principles Approach to Spin Relaxation Time in Anisotropic Semiconductor

PhD Researcher Jonathan Hughes

University of Manchester, UK

●2017.7-8  Irradiation Effects in Nuclear and Their Related Materials

Early Stage Precipitate Formation in Cu-based Alloys for Nuclear Fusion Reactors

PhD Student Chalermpol Rudradawongs

King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand

●2017.11-12  Multi-Functional Materials Science

Fabrication of 12CaO∙7Al2O3 Cement by Spark Plasma Sintering for Thermoelectric Applications

Visitors FY2016

PhD. Student Arina Ukhina

Mechanochemistry, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

●2016.7.2-8.15  Non-Equilibrium Materials

Development of Porous Graphitic Carbon Materials by Spark Plasma Sintering and Selective Dissolution Using Fe-Subgroup Metals as Graphitization Catalysts and Space Holders

Activity Report [PDF(259KB)]

PhD. Student Arthur Seiji Nishikawa

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

● 2016.6.29-9.6 Microstructure Design of Structural Metallic Materials

Characterization of Products of Competitive during Quenching and Partitioning Applied to a Ductile Cast Iron

Activity Report [PDF(447KB)]

PhD. Student Sougata Mallick

National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneswar, India

● 2016.10.30-12.25  Magnetic Materials

Geometrical Dependence of MagneticProperties for Magnetic Antidot Lattices of Heusler Alloy

Activity Report [PDF(162KB)]

PhD. Student Hua Wang

Department of Physics, Fudan University, China

● 2016.11.16-2017.1.15 Surface and Interface Research

Enhancement of thermally injected spin current in epitaxial Pt/CoO/YIG

Activity Report [PDF(330KB)]

Dr. Jared Kinyon

Florida State University, USA

●2017.1.5-3.31  Magnetism

Multiferrocity in the Gapless Quantum Antiferromagnet NH4CuCl3

Activity Report [PDF(110KB)]

PhD. candidate Guk No, Yun

Seoul national university, Korea

● 2016.12.21-2017.2.24  Non-Equilibrium Materials

Developing Water-Etchable Melt for LMD (Liquid Metal Dealloying) Process

Activity Report [PDF(161KB)]

Visitors FY2015

PhD. Student Benedikt Johannes Hartmann

Institute of Physics, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany

● 2015.5.14-7.18  Low Temperature Condensed State Physics

Investigation of Low-Frequency Charge and Spin Dynamics in Correlated p-Electron Systems with Multi-Degrees of Freedom

Activity Report [PDF(152KB)]

Dr. Yi Liu

Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

● 2016.1.6-3.6  Biomaterials Science

Absorption Behaviors of Serum Proteins on the Surfaces of Biomedical Titanium Alloy

Visitors FY2014

Ph.D. Student Andrea Impagnatiello

University of Manchester, UK

●2014.5.4-7.5 Nuclear Materials Science

Investigation of the Early Stage of the Precipitation in V-4Cr-4Ti alloys by Position Annihilation Spectroscopy

Postgraduate Research Student Erin Kathleen Vehstedt

University College London, UK

●2014. 5.26-9.2 Surface and Interface Research

Spin-Charge Conversion Using Electronic Band Inversion Asymmetries

Activity Report [PDF(248KB)]

Master Student Aditya Reza Haswendra

Andalas University, Indonesia

●2014.6.29-9.2 Biomaterials Science

Investigation of Corrosion Property of Beta-Type Titanium Alloys in Simulated Body Fluid

Activity Report [PDF(170KB)]

Ph.D. Student Mingyue Ruan

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

●2015.3.14-5.13 Magnetism

High Magnetic-Field ESR Study on Spatially Confined Low-Dimensional Quantum Magnetic Materials

Visitors FY2013

Ph.D. Student Jaroslav Valenta

Charles University, Czech

●2014.1.25-3.1 Actinide Materials Science

Effect of Pressure on the Electronic State of RCo2 (R:Rare-Earth) Ferrimagnets

Activity Report [PDF(263KB)]

PhD. Student Irina Stockem

University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, Germany

●2014.3.2-3.8 Magnetism

Theoretical Investigation of the Spin Dynamics in the Pt/Co/a-Cr203 Thin Film Systems

Activity Report [PDF(168KB)]

Visitors FY2012

Ph.D. Student Matthias Benjamin Jungfleisch

University of Manchester, UK

●2012.4-6 Surface and Interface Research

Spin CaloricTransport Phenomena and Spin Hall Effect Studies

Master Student Arnold Everhardt

University of Manchester, UK

●2012.5-6 Surface and Interface Research

Measurement of the Spin Seebeck effect in an insulating ferromagnetic Inorganic-Organic Hybrid

Ph.D. Student Soo-Hyun Joo

Pohang Univ of Science and Technology

●2012.6-7 Non-Equilibrium Materials

Improving the ductility and wear property of bulk metalic glasses using high pressure torsion

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