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Research Project Started FY2016

Developments of RE123 Insert Magnet(FY2016-2017)

PI: X. Chaud (LNCMI-CNRS) and S. Awaji (High Field Laboratory, IMR)

Investigation of Sructure and Properties of Nanoporous Metals Formed by Dealloying in Metallic Melt (FY2016-2017)

PI: E. Maire (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon) and H.Kato (Non-Equilibrium Materials Div., IMR)

Research Project Started FY2015

Development of the Next Generation Detector for High Energy Physics (FY2015-2016)

PI: M. Nikl (Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of The Czech Republic) and A. Yoshikawa (Advanced Crystal Engineering Div., IMR)
Activity Report [ PDF(200KB) ]

Investigation of Magnetic and Charge Dynamics by combining Pulsed Neutron-X-ray sources and Pulsed High Magnetic Fields (FY2015-2016)

PI: P. Manuel (ISIS, STFC RAL) and H. Nojiri (Magnetism Div., IMR)
Activity Report [ PDF(993KB) ]

Research Project Started FY2013

New Approaches for Single-Chain Magnets and Related Magneticallly-Correlated Materials (FY2013-2014)

PI: R. Clérac (CRPP, CNRS) and H. Miyasaka (Solid State Metal Complex Chemistry Div., IMR)
Activity Report [ PDF(231KB) ]

Spin, Lattice, and Ac-field Coupling in Magnetic Materials and Devices (FY2013-2014)

PI: S. Gönnenwein (Walther-Meissner-Inst.) and G. E. W. Bauer (Theory of Solid State Physics Div., IMR)
Activity Report [ PDF(215KB) ]

New Guideline for Designing Hydrogen Storage Complex Hydrides (FY2013-2014)

PI: B. C. Hauback (Inst. for Energy Technology) and S. Orimo (Hydrogen Functional Materials Div., IMR)
Activity Report [ PDF(214KB) ]

High Pressure Studies of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (FY2013-2015)

PI: G. Knebel (CEA Grenoble) and D. Aoki (Actinide Materials Science Div., IMR)
Activity Report [ PDF(155KB) ]

New Technology for Materials Science: Developing a Terahertz-Frequency EPR Spectrometer (FY2013-2014)

PI: D. Graham (Univ. of Manchester) and H. Nojiri (Magnetism Div., IMR)
Activity Report [ PDF(363KB) ]

Research Project Started FY2011

Developmetnt of Functionalized Molecular-based Magnetic Materials (FY2011-2012)

PI: J. Schnack(Bielefeld Univ.) and H. Nojiri(Magnetism Div., IMR)
[ PDF(208KB) ]

Theoretical Challenges in Spintronic Materials (FY2011-2012)

PI:Y. Tserkovnyak(Univ of California) and G.E.W. Bauer(Theory of Solid State Physics Div., IMR)
[ PDF(151KB) ]

Research Project Started FY2010

Development of IMR Neutron Spectrometer for Novel Material Science in J-PARC (FY2010-2011)

PI: L. P. Regnault(ILL, France)and K. Ohyama(Metal Physics with Quantum Beam Spectroscopy Div., IMR) [ PDF(140KB) ]

Lithium Fast-Ion Conduction in Complex Hydrides (FY2010-2011)

PI: A. Remhof(EPMA, Switzerland) and S. Orimo(Hydrogen Functional Materials Div., IMR) [ PDF(169KB) ]

Structual and Chemical Analysis on Doped Ceramics by Transmission Electron Microscopy (FY2010-2011)

PI: T. Epicier(INSA Lyon, France) and T. Konno(Div., IMR) [ PDF(175KB) ]

Developmetnt of a Compact Pulsed Magnet for high-Field Magneto-optical Studies of Carrier and Exciton Dynamics in Nanostructures (FY2010-2011)

PI: J. Kono(Rice Univ.) and H. Nojiri(Magnetism Div., IMR) [ PDF(1.2MB) ]

Research Project in FY2008-2009

Spin Electronics and Spin Caloritronics (FY2008-2009)

PI: G. E. W. BAUER(Technical University Delft, Germany)and S. Maekawa(Solid State Physics, Theory, IMR)[ PDF(91.0KB) ]

X-ray and Neutron Experiments in High Magnetic Fields for Developing Advanced Materials (FY2008-2009)

PI: Z. Islam(Advanced Photo Source, Argonne National Lab., USA) and H, Nojiri(Magnetism Division, IMR)[ PDF(4.27MB) ]

Mobility and Bonding State in Complex Hydrides (FY2008-2009)

PI:A. Zuttel(EMPA - Swiss Federal Laboratory for Materials Testing and Research, Switzerland) and S. Orimo(Hydrogen Functional Material, IMR) [ PDF(54.0KB) ]

Development of CVD Process for Nano-structure Controlled Noble-metal Electrodes (FY2008-2009)

PI: J. R. Vargas Garcia(National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico) and T. Goto (Multi-Functional Materials Science, IMR) [ PDF(220KB) ]

Magnetic Field Heat-treatment for New Superconducting Materials and Ferromagnetic Manganites (2008-2009)

PI:Y. Ma (Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences< China) and S. Awaji(High Magnetic Field Laboratory for Superconducting Material, IMR)[ PDF(27.7KB) ]

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