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A gateway of Diverse International Collaborations

ICC-IMR was founded in April 2008 as the center for the international collaboration of the Institute for Materials Research (IMR).
As one of the centers of excellence in material science, IMR holds 27 research groups and five research centers. ICC-IMR works as a gateway of diverse collaborations between international researchers and IMR members.
ICC-IMR has invited 51 visiting professors and conducted 20 international research projects since the start-up. The applications are open for foreign researchers and the projects are evaluated by peer-review process by international reviewers. Currently, ICC-IMR coordinates six different programs:

1) International Integrated Project Research
2) Visiting Professorships
3) Short Single Research Visits
4) International Workshops
5) Fellowship for Young Researcher and PhD Student
6) Material Transfer Program

We welcome applicants from around the globe to participate in these international programs.

Visitors 2009-2016

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