2018.01.16 ICC-IMR News No8 is Published
2017.12.15 FY2018 2nd Application is opened (Deadline is January 31, 2018)
2017.08.9 14th Materials Science School for Young Scientists (KINKEN-WAKATE 2017), “New Frontier of Molecular Materials (NFMM)" was held on September 29-30, 2017 at IMR.
2017.01.26 ICC-IMR News No7 is Published
2016.05.23 "Summit of Materials Science 2016" was held from 18th to 20th May 2016 at IMR. http://www.sms2016.imr.tohoku.ac.jp/
2016.01.26 ICC-IMR News No6 is Published
2015.01.30 ICC-IMR News No5 is Published
2017.05 New article by ICC-IMR research project program is now online “Growth of LiF/LiBaF3 Eutectic Scintillator Crystals and Their Optical Properties” Kurosawa, S; Yamaji, A ; Pejchal, J; Yokota, Y; Ohashi, Y; Kamada, K; Yoshikawa, A
2017.07 New article by ICC-IMR visiting professor is now online “Signatures of a magnetic field-induced unconventional nematic liquid in the frustrated and anisotropic spin-chain cuprate LiCuSbO4” H.-J. Grafe, S. Nishimoto, M. Lakovleva, E. Vavilova, L. Spillecke, A. Alfonsov, M. -I. Sturza, S. Wurmehl, H. Nojiri, H. Rosner, U.K. Robler, S.-L. Drechsler, V. Kataev and B. Buchner
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